Social Life

The social life on the peninsula has always been active.  With outdoor games being played  – football, a local sports day was always attended by huge crowds and this tradition continues today as there are sports days’ held as parts of Durrus and Kilcrohane summer festivals.

In the past parish dances were held weekly, there was ‘pattern dancing at cross roads in Kilcrohane village and at The White House pub.  There was a tradition of rowing across Bantry Bay to the north to Bere island to dances and south to Goleen for the same fun and frolicks at weekends.  Today set dancing classes are held locally during the winter months and weekly dancing, music and fun in pubs at weekends in Summer and winter!

Playing cards and card drives were another social activity which are still enjoyed locally today.


    Water and ground in their extremity - The Peninsula by Seamus Heaney


    Helen Ennis, Dunbeacon Pottery

Sheep's Head Peninsula

Sheep's Head Peninsula 1

Sheep's Head Peninsula 2

Sheep's Head Peninsula 3

Fun at Fitzpatricks Bar, Kilcrohane