There is along history of emigration from the Sheep’s Head peninsula to foreign parts but in particular to Wyoming ranching sheep and cattle on the slopes of the Rocky mountains.  John Mahoney of Kileen was followed by others who became pioneers and to this day their mark can be seen there.  Tobin, Sullivan, Ellis and Swanton families that originated on the Sheep’s Head peninsula have prospered, some in politics;  John Mahoney became a state Senator, Pat O Sullivan from Eskeraha, Kilcrohane was a Senator on Capitol Hill.  Some of the later generations moved to Texas and California.

From the 1930s onwards, the emigration pattern was to go to England, where migrants worked hard and did well establishing themselves in Manchester, Liverpool and London.


    Water and ground in their extremity - The Peninsula by Seamus Heaney


    Helen Ennis, Dunbeacon Pottery

Sheep's Head Peninsula

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Fun at Fitzpatricks Bar, Kilcrohane