Coastal, Heritage and Exploration of the Shore Walks

Walking Holidays in West Clare, Ireland. Guided and self-guided tours of The Loophead Region.

The Loophead region, County Clare is a winner of the European Destination of Excellence award and is an area of diverse, compact topography suitable for numerous activities and with strong historical heritage.

The Long Way Round offers professional guided walks and hikes of the Loophead region in County Clare.

During the months of July and August we will be providing scheduled walks on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Mornings.


Kilcredaun Heritage Walk

Thursday and Saturday our walk will commence from outsie the Post Office in the scenic fishing village of Carrigaholt, Co Clare. Carrigaholt is only a short drive from the famous seaside resort of Kilkee.

The walk is a three hour walk around the very beautiful and historically rich Kilcredaun point. The walk/hike is mainly off road and takes us through fields, farmland and along the shoreline of the river Shannon.

Please refer to the below link for more details.

Walks commence at 11 o’clock
Each walk costs €10 per person.

Loophead Lighthouse Trail

Friday and Sunday walk will commence from Loophead lighthouse(newly opened tourist attraction) The meeting place is the car park at the Lighthouse and the walk will be approximately two hours.

Walks commence at 11 0′clock
Each walk costs €10 per person.

Each location overlooks the beautiful Shannon river and allows for a great opportunity to view Dolphins and Seals. Its important to wear suitable walking boots and gear (rain). Please feel free to contact me as I can provide equipment if necessary. Walks will go ahead regardless of weather so if you fancy braving the elements its always a worth while experience.

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    'And some time make the time to drive out west Into County Clare, along the Flaggy Shore...'

    Seamus Heaney 


Loop Head Peninsula

Dolphins at Shannon Estuary

Kilbaha Harbour

Loop Head

Ross, Loop Head