100 Books with a Difference

100 Books with a DifferenceDiscrimination can occur on nine grounds: age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, family status, civil status, disability and membership of traveller community. Cavan County Library has chosen 10 great books that offer real insight under each of these grounds. We have also added a tenth theme: peace- building in Northern Ireland. The 100 books are all listed together in one handy guide – ‘100 Books with a Difference’.


The aim is to bring people together to read about, think about and talk about difference. Books take us to places we hadn’t imagined but which – once seen, we never forget and those places could involve more equality, tolerance and understanding. We believe this Initiative will play a part in changing attitudes, lives and communities for the better. 100 books have been chosen to do this. The books include fiction and non – fiction, Irish writers and international writers and are categorised under the ten themes. Visit www.cavanlibrary.ie for more

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