Greenore Railway Heritage Village

Greenore VillageThere’s a small Railway museum in Greenore dedicated to the Newry to Greenore railway.Its situated above the post office.and shop in the Co-Op building there.

Props. are Brian and Ann Larkin.Its well worth a visit for anyone interested in the social history of the area.


The village was constructed to provide homes for the dock and railway workers of the Dundalk Newry and Greenore Railway

From 1873 to 1951 there was a ferry service between Greenore and Holyhead. The Londan and North Western Railway constructed a substantial hotel and railway station to serve passengers using the ferry. The original railway line ran from Dundalkto Greenore and the first service was 1 May 1873 when the station opened. In 1876 the railway line was extended to Newry. In the 19th century there was a ferry from Greencastle to Greenore. The railway and the station closed on 1 January 1952 and was replaced by bus services to Dundalk and Newry.

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