Proleek Wedge Tomb, Ballymascanlon, Cooley Peninsula

Proleek Wedge Tomb is situated on the grounds of Ballymascanlon House, 80m from Proleek Dolmen (see p.12). It consists of a gallery enclosed by eight large stones and a single roof stone is still in position in the east end of the gallery.

There are more than 500 surviving wedge tombs in Ireland. Archaeologists often find Beaker pottery, as well as barbed and tanged arrowheads, in these tombs which indicate that they were built in the centuries around 2500 BC. This means that they were the last type of megalithic tomb built in Ireland. After this time, smaller individual burials became common and the era of the great tomb passed.

According to local legend the Scottish giant – Parrah Boug McShagean – who built the Portal Tomb (Dolmen) nearby is buried here.

By foot, about 300-400m from hotel car park but there are firm surface paths all the way. Note that paths cross the golf course, though they are safety screened as appropriate
Car park, bus park, wheelchair access, toilet and restaurant facilities in nearby hotel
The site is located approx. 300-400m from access point from car park and approx. 6km from Dundalk
It is a bit of a walk through the pleasant grounds of the former demesne of Ballymacscanlon House which is now a golf course, the house being a hotel

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