Proleek Portal Tomb, Ballymascanlon, Cooley Peninsula

The magnificent Proleek Portal Tomb, situated in the grounds of Ballymascanlon Hotel on the legendary Cooley Peninsula, is one of the finest examples of its kind in Ireland.


Portal tombs have two tall stones at the front (portal stones) and a smaller stone at the back supporting a large capstone. A portal tomb resembles a giant’s table and is sometimes called a ‘dolmen’, which comes from the Breton word tolmen meaning ‘stone table’.


Proleek Portal Tomb is about 3m high and has a huge capstone weighing approximately 35 tons. Legend says that a wish will be granted to anyone who can throw a pebble on its capstone so that it stays there. The two front portal stones are 2m high. Known as the ‘Giant’s Load’, it is believed that it was carried to Ireland by a Scottish giant named Parrah Boug McShagean (who is said to be buried nearby).


There is also a Bronze Age wedge tomb nearby (details below)

By foot, about 300-400m from hotel car park but there are firm surface paths all the way
Cark park, bus park, wheelchair access, toilet and restaurant facilities in nearby hotel
The site is located approx. 300-400m from access point from car park Approx. 6km from Dundalk
Ballymascanlon, Cooley ,Peninsula, Dundalk, Co. Louth.

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