Fishing on Carlingford Lough

Fishing on Carlingford Lough

fishing boat on Carlingford Lough

Fishing is available along the beautiful coastline of the Cooley Peninsula. The main fishing stations are Carlingford, Greenore, Ballaghan, Templetown, Cooley, Gyles Quay and Dundalk estuary. This area offers shore, rock and boat fishing and there are numerous species to be found. Carlingford Lough, which produced the current Irish record Tope, has some excellent fishing during the summer months with Ray, Spurdog, Tope and Dogfish all being present. Mackerel and Codling are also abundant. The pier at Greenore produces good mackerel fishing in summer. Dogfish, Ray, Spurdog, Bass and Mackerel are all possible from this shoreline.


The picturesque village of Carlingford on the shores of Carlingford Lough produces good catches of mackerel in summer and flounder and whiting in winter. The area is best known for the superb tope fishing, which is available during the summer months. Small boat anglers will find the most productive fishing is achieved at anchor. A number of slipways are located along the southern shore from Omeath to Greenore for launching small boats and charter boat services are available at Carlingford.

Species: Codling, ray, dogfish, mackerel, flounder, whiting, pollack and tope.

Season: May to September.


Greenore Pier, two miles south east of Carlingford can be a popular spot in summer and the shore around the lighthouse at the mouth of the Lough provides excellent sport for an array of species including mackerel, sea trout, pollack, spurdog, ray and dogfish. Bass can also be taken in this area with spinning offering best opportunities. Anglers should exercise extreme caution, as there are fierce currents close to the shore in this area. Fishing from the cobbled beach south east of Greenore also produces a number of species with codling being available in numbers on occasion, especially at night during the winter.

Species: Mackerel, sea trout, pollack, spurdog, ray, bass, codling and dogfish.

Season: May/December.


Ballaghan point is located south east of Carlingford and Greenore. The very mixed ground north of the Point is very difficult to fish and tackle losses are inevitable. However, mackerel and pollack can be taken by spinning at high water and flounder, rockling, dogfish, “strap conger” and ray can be taken in the sandy patches. South of Ballaghan are Whitestown and Templetown beaches where dogfish, flounder and occasional bass are found in summer, with codling turning up at night in winter.

Species: Flounder, codling, dogfish, conger and ray.

Season: May/November


Cooley Point south to Gyles Quay consists mainly of steep-to sand and shingle beaches, with a little mixed ground fishing for dogfish, flounder, wrasse and ray. Spinning form the rock outcrops which can be cut off by the rising tide can produce mackerel, pollack, coalfish and sea trout. From Cooley Point south to Gyles Quay the shoreline is very broken and consists mainly of weed-covered rock and boulder interspersed with shingle and a little sand in places. Despite the uncompromising nature of the area there is a little mixed ground fishing for dogfish, flounder, wrasse and conger. Spinning from several rocks can produce mackerel, pollack, coalfish and sea trout. Gyles Quay is located south of the R173 on the Eastern side of Dundalk Bay. It is a very popular small boat angling location during the summer months and there is a large slipway situated close to the pier, which affords easy launching. Fishing with feather lures from boats will be rewarded with good catches of mackerel in summer, while bottom fished baits will attract dogfish, spurdog, codling, whiting, dab and occasional ray. Fishing from the pier at high water in summer can produce dogfish, flounder, mullet and mackerel.

Species: Shore; dogfish, flounder, wrasse, mullet, mackerel, pollack, coalfish, conger, and sea trout. Boat ; Dogfish, spurdog, codling, whiting, dab, mackerel, ray and tope.

Season: May/September

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