Clontygora Court Tomb

Known locally as the “King’s Ring” this court tomb has a prominent position in the South Eastern part of the Slieve Gullion Ring Dyke. It was built for collective burial by an early farming community who cultivated the land as long ago as 3,500 BC.

Despite damage to the structure, it is still an impressive monument. An imposing facade of tall stones some over 2.7 metres tall define the deep U-shaped forecourt where funeral rites were performed before the ashes or bones of the dead were taken through the entrance which is marked by two massive portal stones to be placed inside the burial gallery.

This forecourt may have been used for other ceremonies as well as for burial rites. The roof slabs and a large capstone over the first of the three chambers are supported by enormous split granite boulders. Court tombs usually face east but this one faces north towards a stream 100m away. The tomb was excavated in 1937 and the finds included cremated bone, flint artifacts, pottery and a polished porcellanite stone axe.


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