The Magic Hill Jenkinstown Co. Louth.

There is a hill at Jenkinstown Dundalk Co. Louth which is located about 7 miles North of Dundalk on the road to Carlingford. Look out for the sign for McCrystals shop and petrol pumps, take a turn left there and go into the shop and ask Tom where it is.

Put your car at the bottom of the incline, turn off the engine, and it will slowly roll back up the hill.

What causes it to roll back? Well!, there are some who say that it is a powerful magnetic force eminating from the depths of the earth that causes it. Others believe that it is just magic, and still others believe that it is caused by un-seen Leprechaun’s who pull the cars from below for sheer devilment.

Whatever it is, it happens, and you should try it out for yourself.

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